BJP mayor slammed for embarrassing video on Bawana fire


At least 17 people were killed in the fire in Bawana’s industrial area on Saturday night. The fire had started reportedly from a plastic factory in the region.

BJP mayor
Photo: from ANI video

Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had expressed their anguish over the loss of lives. Kejriwal had visited the spot to assess the situation. Also reaching the spot was BJP leader and North Delhi Municipal Corporation Mayor Preeti Aggarwal.

However, just before her interaction with the media, she was caught on camera secretly confessing to her associates that the licensing of the factory fell under her jurisdiction.

She was heard saying, “is factory ki licensing hamare paas hai isliye hum kuch nahi bol sakte. (We can’t comment on this because we are the licensing authority of this factory.)” Agrawal’s confession may have come in light of media reports that rules may have been compromised leading to the fire.

Aggarwal’s action was quickly deemed ‘shameful’ with many condemning her and her party for shaming the humanity.

Reacting to the raging controversy surrounding his leader, Delhi BJP President, Manoj Tiwari, told ANI, “Preeti Aggarwal asked whom does the factory come under, it’s murmuring, only ‘ye factory’ is clear. Ppl are trying to make that fake video viral at a sad time just to blame BJP. CM re tweeted it, he must apologise for such low-level politics in time of despair.”



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