BJP may be reduced to 65 seats, can’t rule out even bigger defeat: Yogendra Yadav’s poll predictions


Psephologist-turned-politician, Yogendra Yadav, has predicted a defeat for the BJP in the ongoing Gujarat assembly polls.

Yogendra Yadav

Taking to Twitter Yadav said that BJP’s tally could be reduced to as low as 65 seats in the 182-seat assembly. He said,

“My projections for Gujarat Scenario1: Possible

BJP 43% votes, 86 seats

INC 43% votes, 92 seats

Scenario 2: Likely

BJP 41% votes, 65 seats

INC 45% votes, 113 seats

Scenario 3: Can’t be ruled out Even bigger defeat for the BJP”

He explained his predictions by stating how the BJP was strong in the urban areas but the party was vulnerable in semi-urban and rural areas that had 143 seats in total.

He wrote,

“There are three elections in Gujarat:
City (39 seats): BJP on a solid wicket, can’t lose more than 10
Semi-Urban (45 seats): BJP on the edge of a cliff, holds 36, can lose half of these
Rural (98 seats): Steady downhill for BJP, trailed here in 2012, now faces a rout”

The second and the last phase of Gujarat polls is scheduled to be held on 14 December while the counting will take place on 18 December. The BJP has governed the western coastal state for 22 years without any interruption. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the state’s chief minister for 12 years between 2002 and 2014.


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