BJP leader threatens to beat up Malayalam novelist Paul Zachariah for calling PM Modi ‘murderer’


Continuing with its much publicised politics of intimidation and intolerance, the BJP has threatened popular Malayalam writer and novelist Paul Zachariah for calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘murderer.’


Zachariah, known for criticism for communalism, had allegedly referred to Modi as, while speaking at an event, organised in honour of prominent author and cartoonist OV Vijayan in Palakkad recently.

Taking objection to Vijayan accepting an award from the RSS, Zachariah had said that if Hitler was alive and conferred him with an award, he would reject it adding that he would not accept an award even from ‘Gujarat’s murderer’ Narendra Modi.

BJP then filed a complaint with the police. Later, B Gopalakrishnan, a senior BJP functionary in Thrissur District, had told the media on Friday that if Zachariah did not apologise, then the BJP might be forced to ‘act,’ reported IANS.

“We want to warn him before-hand that if he continues abusing the prime minister, he will get beaten…Zacharia is truly communal. He is a disaster to Malayalam literature,” Indian Express had quoted the BJP leader as saying.

According to the BJP, Zachariah made the comments about Modi, while referring to the 2002 Gujarat riots.

The 73-year-old Sahitya Akademi award winner is known for his criticism of religious fundamentalism. Zachariah said it was for the Kerala government to decide if he was to be given any security cover in the wake of the ‘threat.’


  1. RSS idea of peacefuls are mass murderers. The followers of Golwalkar and Hedgewar who hates Abrahamists and low castes.


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