BJP leader shamelessly defends assaulting girl for having tea with Muslim friend


The woman BJP leader from Aligarh, who physically assaulted an adult woman for having tea with a Muslim friend has defended her criminal act. This is after the Uttar Pradesh Police refused to book her for her criminal act and instead booked the victim’s Muslim friend.
BJP leader

A detailed video interview has been given by Sangeeta Varshney, President of Women’s wing, BJP Aligarh to the media.

She elaborates the entire incident in her words.

“A Hindu girl and a Muslim boy were roaming at Naurangabad, Aligarh, and some of the common people happened to recognise them. When they were stopped, they tried to flee. At this time, some people from our Hindu community arrived and immediately informed the Gandhi Park police station at Naurangabad.”

“The police were called and subsequently they came and arrested the boy. We made the girl sit down peacefully and made her understand that ‘we are hindus’…. And when it comes to a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy, I will not tolerate that ever and thus made her understand nicely. My only problem is with Hindu and Muslim.”

When the reporter questioned her, why should it matter to her or anyone when two consulting adults decide to roam around, Varshney outrightly replied, “why should I not object? I will certainly object if it is a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. Muslim boys can befriend Muslim girls and there are many Hindu boys for our Hindu girls.”

The reporter asked her, whether she would resort to the same again in future, to which Sangeeta Varshney replied, “of course, even if it were my daughters I would have done the same. Whenever it comes to Hindu daughters, I shall treat them all like mine and do the same again in the future as well.”

The video of Varshney assaulting a woman for having tea with her friend had gone viral after Janta Ka Reporter first reported the matter. But in a shocking development, the police refused to take any action against her and instead booked the victim’s Muslim friend for promoting obscenity.


  1. This again is the racism show by Hindu politicians toward Muslims. The rights of both individuals have been broken. A person has a right to speak with whom they wish to. This outright racism must be stopped! The politician must be arrested. The police that would not file an FIR should be fired! Real Hindus believe in all religions and people. The politician must be an RSS member!


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