BJP leader exposes Modi government on bullet train promise, posts damning video after train arrives 14 hours late


A senior BJP leader has shared her harrowing experience of train journey, exposing the claims of her party’s government at the Centre on the much-publicised bullet train. Laxmi Kanta Chawla, who was a cabinet minister in the Punjab government led by BJP and Akali Dal, bluntly told Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to forget about the bullet train and focus on improving the standards of the existing trains.

This was after Chawla’s Saryu-Yamuna train between Amritsar and Ayodhya reached its destination 14 hours late. That’s when Chawla, BJP leader from Amritsar recorded the video. In the video she’s heard saying, “My only appeal to the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is that please take pity on us, ordinary citizens. When a train is broken, doors are broken, toilet doors are broken, even AC doors need a lot of force for them to open. We ordinary citizens, who travelled in this train by buying AC tickets went through so much of trouble in the last 24 hours. The train had to change its route, but no one bothered to inform us about this.”

She then told Modi to forget about the bullet train. She wrote, “When there’s no facility for food, what will passengers do in the absence of any food arrangement. For God sake, forget the bullet train. Forget the trains that run at the speed of 120 or 200 kms per hour. Run the existing trains (efficiently).

Chawla was a college lecturer before she joined the politics. She had held the health portfolio in the Punjab government led by the BJP and Akali.

She then reminded Modi and his railway minister the Shatabdi and Rajdhani went meant for the rich people but ‘what about this train, used by the poor, the labourers, the soldiers.” Chawala asked Goyal to travel in these trains to truly understand  for himself what the masses go through. “Modi-ji, people are upset. I don’t know who has seen acche din (good times), certainly not the common man,” she added.

She also mocked the much-touted response to needy passengers on-board trains by the railway ministry during their moments of distress implying that that was just a PR stunt.


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