BJP IT Cell members are Internet Terrorists, says Akhilesh Yadav


Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has coined a new definition for the members of the BJP’s IT Cell, calling them Internet Terrorists. Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the Samajwadi Party chief also demanded strict action against them.

Akhilesh Yadav

“I demand that such people should face strict action. Not just them but also the internet terrorists belonging to the BJP. They should also face action because they also use very good language (sarcastically). But we don’t want to reciprocate using the same language.”

Akhilesh’s statement came in response to a question from a reporter, who drew his attention to a recent incident in Barabanki, where a group of BJP leaders had burnt his photos with Holika during Holi celebrations.

Akhilesh’s new definition of internet terrorists for BJP’s social media warriors received instant approval from journalists on Twitter. Journalist Abhisar Sharma wrote, “I agree with @yadavakhilesh . Everyone irrespective of political affiliations should use this word for the abusive BJP IT CELL. U are a bunch of losers.”

Journalist Shahid Siddiqui tweeted, “InternetTerrorists, a very appropriate term coined by Akhlesh Yadav. They are cowards like most terrorists, they hide behind anonymity to attack people with their hate& bigotry. They are sick terrorists.”

User Zainab Sikandar wrote, “Yes I think we should all stop calling them bhakts every time they abuse or harass us. In reality, these people are cyber bullies & with the kind of violence they propagate, we should call them cyber terrorists.
I completely agree with @yadavakhilesh ji.”

Members of BJP’s social media team, also known as the IT Cell, have earned notoriety for giving grief to their party’s political rivals or anyone questioning the policies of the Centre’s Narendra Modi government.


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