BJP ignores EC warning, more newspaper ads on voting day in Bihar


In an utter disdain to the election commission’s ban on advertisements on the day of the last phase of polls, BJP has once again placed ads in newspapers claiming that negative publicity about the RSS was being carried out by vested interests.

Opposition parties have been quick to slam the BJP.

The RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav told reports in Patna that BJP and PM Modi both had been exposed on their claims of protecting cows. Lalu said that invoking cow issue showed how desperate and nervous BJP was.

He said, “Modi must explain why he signed 40,000 crore worth deal with Obama to export beef? Four out of five beef conpanies are owned by Hindus. One is based in Gujarat. Who is Modi trying to fool. He stands exposed in Bihar.”

Sharad Yadav said that the BJP was once again in violation of election code of conduct. He said the Bihari voters will teach them a lesson.

“Modi and BJP tried desperately to win Bihar elections holding the tail of cow. But people in Bihar want development and they will defeat communal politics”


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