BJP hopes to win Assam election with Amit Shah’s history lessons, changes history by just 300 years


BJP President Amit has changed the history of Assam by more than 300 years.

Assam is going for elections and the saffron party is determined to wrest the power from the ruling Congress party.

That explains why Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that he had real connection with the people of Assam as he reportedly sold tea from the state’s ubiquitous gardens at a railway station in Gujarat before he became a successful politician.

Now Modi’s trusted lieutenant, Amit Shah, has gone a step further.

In a bid to garner votes from the indigenous Assamese population, Shah told a rally how Chaolung Sukapha, the founder of the Ahom Kingdom, had defeated Mughals 17 times.

But, Shah’s speech writers, missed the historical facts by just 300 years.

Sukapha founded Ahom dynasty in 1228 AD and died in 1268 AD.

Mughal dynasty in India started after the first Battle of Panipat in 1526 AD.

And historical lapses aren’t just Amit Shah’s ‘forte.’ Modi has, time and again, committed these lapses in the past.

During Lok Sabha election campaign in Patna, Modi had said that Takshashila was in Bihar; it is in Pakistan.

Again in 2014, Modi said that the freedom fighter Bhagat Singh had spent a long time incarcerated on the Andaman islands.

In fact, it was Veer Savarkar who was imprisoned in the jail on the Andamans. Bhagat Singh and his friends were lodged in jails around Delhi.


  1. The leaders of BJP are so intelligent, one doesn’t have to think hard why their supporters and bhakts are so much more intelligent.

    IntelligentIndia SuperpowerIndia


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