Arun Jaitley’s I&B ministry ‘removes’ Kirti Azad’s wife from Censor Board panel


After reports that the BJP was contemplating disciplinary action against its MP, Kirti Azad, for raising corruption allegations against the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, his wife has reportedly been removed from the censor board’s panel.

According to a report published on News18 website, Poonam claimed that her name had been removed from the censor board’s advisory panel.

Information and Broadcasting ministry had sent the final list of 108 people, which did not include Poonam’s name. According to reports, she was approached by the I&B ministry in November to join the panel.

Interestingly, the I&B ministry is currently being headed by Arun Jaitley, who Azad had accused of forging documents during his time as the DDCA president.

Azad, on Sunday, rubbished Jaitley’s claims that he was not aware of the alleged corruptions in the DDCA. He had released an 8-minute-long video of 2012 AGM, where both Azad and one more member were seen challenging Jaitley over rampant corrupt practices in the cricket body, which he headed for more than a decade.



  1. And I thought people trumpet that Jaitley is above board in all his dealings.! If this is true, boy! oh! boy! We the people do not trust the political class at all. Is it not time folks when the people must come out en mass and demand that the investigating agencies must never be under the control of the unscrupulous political class whether it was the 1984 riot, or the Godhra Carnage or the 2002 Gujarat pogrom. The investigating agencies have been used by the powers that be as their handmaidens. Shame on the political class. It is time the people demand that the investigating agencies be freed from the clutches of the political class and be handed over to a specially formed constitutional authority. We do not trust the political class of any colour.

  2. I am not at all surprised to read this. Every literate in India knows our politicians. Only party and flag change. Whatever the definition, meaning of the word INTEGRITY may be in dictionaries. I have re-define it in a way that ‘Not getting an opportunity is integrity.’ Who said Jaitley is above board? He is a part of the system. The misuse of power and authority by politicians is nothing new. be it Congress or BJP, they are all birds of same….I wish Kirti take this fight to it’s final end. As for investigating agencies they were always pawn in the hands of the government that be. Independent, my foot.

  3. AAP MLA Pankaj Pushkar thrown out of Assembly for asking Qn.
    Gandhi, AAP MP thrown out of party for Qning AAP fascism.
    The less said the better abt Cong Sonia’s Zehar ki Kheti.
    So whom are you preaching, AAP ka reporter?
    (Not sure if this piece is real news)

    • YOU are true bhakt ,I have never seen such a obsession towards MODI by any one even his brothers has protested against him when he tried to scuttle ration shops. love your devotion.

        • Your hate gene is active all the times it sleeps as and when modi under performs. Dear pl. do not hate any body, this world will never fade as modi fading fast day after day or when he does something new which is uncommon. No body in this physical world can say that he is indispensable. love your devotion.

          • Hilarious to listen this from sinister Modi haters, talking of not hating someone. Its like Devil sermons on sacred texts.

          • I do not know what you are up to ? but hate will weak your thoughts , but i love your devotion towards under performer MODI. Hamare pujnea prabho NAMO , NAMO.

          • Firstly, I commented on the AAPKaReporter news item, not to you. But check your namecalling, mocking as response. It shown your brain fag for decency. So dont xpect me to be still objective with you. Ask urself what are you upto?

          • your hate DNA is very strong , so anything to you is of no use , i do not know when it will calm down and start thinking in objective manner. May god help you.

  4. Hyd multilayer, flood lit stadium with capacity of 55,000 built at Rs.65 crore, Saintely as head of DDCA gets Feroz Shah Kotla at Rs.114 for capacity of 40,000. Bolon bhakto ki jai…

  5. Allegations may be be true or not. But Azad deserves disciplinary action for violating the minimum norms of the party discipline.He ought to have discussed this within the Party fora first. Too much liberty of power of expression in the party is dangerous. In congress no-one dares to go to press whatever serious issue be,but that much dictatorship is also not good.


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