BJP is about to get a shock in Gujarat polls: Rahul Gandhi


Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, on Wednesday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi warning him that his party, the BJP, will be jolted in the upcoming assembly polls in Gujarat.

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

Speaking in Bharuch, Rahul said, “BJP ko current lagne wala hai Gujarat ke chunaav ke din. (The BJP is about to get a shock in Gujarat polls.)”

Rahul also targetted Modi on his much-touted claims on development particularly during his time as the Gujarat chief minister. Reminding the voters how Modi had ‘gifted’ a large swathe of farmers’ land to industrialists, Tata in this case, he said, ” Aapki zameen li, Tata company ko di. Rs 33,000 crore mein Gujarat ke kisaano ka karza maaf kiya jaa sakta hai.( He (Modi) took away your land and gifted it to Tata. In Rs 33,000 crore, he could have waived off farmers’ loan.)”

Modi had invited Tata to set up Nano plant when the venture faced stiff resistance in West Bengal during the then Communist regime.

Rahul added, “Tata Nano ke liye Narendra Modi ji ne Rs 33,000 crore bank loan diya, takreeban free mein, kam se kam rate mein. Aapne Nano gaadi ko sadak par dekha hai? Kahin dikhti hai ye gaadi? Poore Hindustan mein dekho kahin nhi dikhti.” 

He also accused the BJP government of being hand in gloves with the top industrialists. He said, “In Gujarat 90% of colleges are in the hands of big industrialists, poor cannot afford because of the high fees. They have been power for the last 3 years. How many Swiss account holders are in jail? Tell me. Ek naam bata do jisko Modi ji ne jail mein daala. Vijay Mallya bahar baitha hai, maze le raha hai England mein. Hindustan mein ease of doing business nahi hai, note bandhi aur GST ne barbaad kar diya.”

Gujarat goes to polls on 9 and 14 December.


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