BJP flag flies above tricolour during Shinzo Abe’s visit to Ahmedabad, violates Indian Flag Code


A photo of BJP’s party flag flying above the Indian national flag during the just concluded visit of the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has gone viral on social media platforms.


The photo, taken from a highway in Ahmedabad, shows the BJP’s flag flying right on top of an electricity pole while the Indian national flag is flying half mast along side the Japanese flag. The development has evoked angry reactions from social media users more because the event was being presided over Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Many users were seen asking if in new India, it was going to be the BJP first. Curiously, the BJP supporters and its senior functionaries have been using the issue of patriotism for their electoral advantages.

The latest episode has clearly highlighted the glaring hypocrisy in BJP’s stand on nationalism.

Here are some reactions;

Romana Kumari Phogat: Bhrast jaleel party ke jhande ke uppar sab logo ko hugna aur moot dena chahiye.

Sins Khalid Johnny: Agenda ucha rahe humara

The decision to fly the BJP flag on top of the pole while placing the Indian national flag along with the Japanese flag at half mast is also in gross violation of the Indian Flag Code 2002.

Under the Indian Flag Code of India 2002, part II of Section 2.2, flying the Indian tricolour along with any other flag on a single mast head is an offence.

“The flag should not be flown from a single masthead simultaneously with any other flag or flags.”

Part VII of Section 2.2 reads, “No other flag or bunting should be placed higher than or above or side by side with the national flag; Nor should any objects or flowers or garlands or emblem be placed on or above the Flag-mast from which the flag is flown.”



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