‘110% fake news,’ BJP rubbishes reports of Narendra Modi holding his first ever press conference


The BJP on Wednesday issued a denial to media reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scheduled to hold his first ever press conference in Varanasi on 26 April.

Narendra Modi
Photo: @narendramodi

This was after social media erupted in excitement as media reports said that Modi will address his first ever news conference on the day of filing his nomination in Varanasi on 26 April.

Media reports had said that Modi will speak to reporters and even take questions at 12.30 pm on 26 April. However, journalist Liz Mathew of The Indian Express tweeted saying that the BJP had termed the reports ‘110% fake news.’ She wrote, “Denying the reports that PM Modi is to hold a press conference in Varanasi on April 26, a @BJP4India leader said “its 110% false” news. No such plan at all, the leader said.”

The development comes just days after Congress President Rahul Gandhi had dared Modi to debate with him at least for 15 minutes. Modi is the first Indian prime minister to have never held a press conference for the fear of being embarrassed with difficult questions.

Instead, Modi has been giving interviews to TV channels known to be his supporters. On Wednesday, the prime minister had granted an interview to actor Akshay Kumar, who faced incessant trolling for using his popularity to help the BJP in the ongoing Lok Sabha polls.


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