BJP attacks Tharoor for liking Pak foreign minister’s Twitter post critical of Indian army chief, Congress MP hits back


BJP has reacted angrily to Congress MP Shashi Tharoor liking a Twitter post critical of the Indian Army Chief General Rawat.

It’s social media head, Amit Malviya, wrote on Twitter, “Shameful to see Shashi Tharoor liking tweets by ex Foreign Minister of Pakistan insulting India’s Army Chief! But then that is expected of the Congress leaders.”

Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja M Asif had written in his tweet, “Very irresponsible statement by Indian Army Chief,not befitting his office. Amounts to invitation for nuclear encounter.If that is what they desire,they are welcome to test our resolve.The general’s doubt would swiftly be removed, inshallah.”

Tharoor hit back at Malviya and BJP by saying that he usually liked tweets that he intended to return to and the act didn’t necessary amount to endorsing the tweet.

He wrote, “We’ve all known how petty @BJP4India can be but this takes the biscuit. A “like” is a bookmark, not a sign of approval. I mark tweets i wish to return to when i have the time to deal with them. I have now finished a dinner engagement &dealt with it. Get a life @malviyamit !”

One Congress supporter on Twitter reproduced another tweet by Tharoor clarifying that he wasn’t by marking a Twitter post ‘favourite,’ he wasn’t endorsing it.

This was in June 2013.

One hopes that Tharoor’s clarification will end the controversy.


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