BJP attacks Congress for ‘confused’ stand even as CPI wants Triple Talaq Bill referred to Select Committee


CPI leader D Raja on Tuesday said that the Left was in favour of the Triple Talaq Bill being referred to the Select Committee and accused the government of “bypassing the committees” on crucial bills.

He said, “As far as Left parties are concerned, we want this bill to be referred to the Select Committee. But the BJP-led NDA government is bypassing the committee system.”

“They are saying ‘don’t send bills to the Standing Committee for closer scrutiny’. When it comes to Rajya Sabha, we will demand that it should be sent to the Select Committee,” he added.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Tuesday attacked the Congress for its “confused” stand on the Triple Talaq Bill and wanted to know why it was sad while the Muslim women were happy.

“These days a number of reforms are being brought in. The Triple Talaq Bill is one of them,” the Minority Affairs Minister told reporters in Delhi.

“The Congress takes one step forward and then 10 steps backward. The party is confused on triple talaq,” he said. “The Muslim women are happy, but I don’t know why the Congress is sad,” he added.

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017 has been listed for consideration and passage in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

The bill to criminalise triple talaq was passed by the Lok Sabha last week.


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