BJP allergic to beef, not donation from beef companies owned by Muslims


Bhartiya Janata Party may have created unnecessary hysteria over the dietary habits of Indian particularly related to beef consumption.

However, the election commission documents reveal that the saffron party has been more than eager to accept crores of rupees as donation from the beef exporting companies, owned by Muslims.

A BBC report quoting election commission data said that the BJP had accepted Rs 50 lakh from a Maharashtra-based beef exporting company in 2014-15.


Frigorifico Allana Limited donated this money through Vijaya Bank cheque- number 846317.

Registered in 1986, this company has four directors, Siraj Mahmood, Rafiq Razzaq Patel, Ismail Ghani Mohammad, and Moiz Mansoor.

In 2013-14, the year of Lok Sabha elections when the BJP secured an overwhelming mandate at the Centre, the same company had donated the BJP Rs 75 lakh.

Another company, Indagro Food Limited, registered at the same address, too had donate the party Rs 75 lakh to the BJP. A third company, Frigerio Converva Allana Limited too had made donation of Rs 50 lakh to the party.


Interestingly, Frigerio Converva is not a company registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

BJP, in 2014-15 had collected Rs 437.35 crore- highest by any national political party- as donations. This also marked a whopping 156% increase compared to the year gone by.

BJP was also in controversy after it emerged that the party had accepted donations from Dow Chemicals, current owner of Union Carbide, which was responsible for Bhopal Tragedy.


  1. Shame on Allanas for supporting and grooming the killers of Gujarat massacre., shame on them for keeping silent on the beef hysteria created by BJP , while they have all the meat to export, denying fellow indian of good nourishment for their cheap political gains, shame on them.BJP like CONGRESS is a double faced lackey devoid of any self repect, who have time and again raped India for their cheap political and vested interests.


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