Bill seeks hike in Delhi MLAs’ salaries, MLAs’ monthly package to increase from Rs 88,000 to Rs 2 lakh


The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi on Thursday tabled an amendment in the assembly, seeking a whopping increase in the salary of legislators and ministers.

The Member of Legislative Assembly of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Salaries, Allowances, Pensions, etc) (Amendment Bill) proposes the hike from the present Rs.88,000 to over Rs.2 lakh per month.

This includes all claimed allowances.

The amendment bill for ministers proposes an increase from Rs.70,000 to Rs.2.75 lakh per month.

Besides, the bill to hike the salary of Leader of Opposition, speaker, deputy speaker and chief whip were tabled.

The Leader of Opposition and speaker will also draw almost the same salary as ministers.

A three-member committee of experts had recommended a substantial hike in the salary and allowances of Delhi lawmakers.

After being passed, the bill will sent to the central government for its approval.


  1. Have the MLAs ever think of what happened to those who gets Rs 3K, 4K etc. per month. What would happened to them with so less salary. But ministers who are saying themselves as social activist seeking salary in lakhs. What they will do with it being SAMJSEVI. Why do they demand so sophisticated life. Why don’t they want reduced salary, because the financial gap in india between a lower and higher paid person is very high. That should be taken care so seriously. Really in india nobody looks that what is the financial gap among us? one gets lakhs per month where as one get 2k, 3k per month. How ridiculous is it?The way ministers demand salary for themselves so seriously, is really disgusting. They should first look after a proper policy of salary particularly of all employees who working in private organisations. because now a days the people who are working in private companies in basically in the post of clerk, peon, security guard, technician etc … , then teacher teacher in private school or college are really suffering a lot due very less wages. MLAs shold show serious step towards the condition of their own state people. They shouldn’t bother about their own salary, because they all are social activist, being social persons how they demand in salary hike, instead of thinking salary hike of employees of citizen of their own state.


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