Communal violence in Bihar for second day, locals blame administration for inaction


Communal violence in Bihar’s Chhapra has continued for the second day as the administration imposed a ban on the use of mobile internet across Saran district.

The communal violence had started on Friday after objectionable photos of deities were widely circulated on social media platform.

According to local media reports, both the SP and the DM had rushed to the affected areas but locals questioned the administration’s role in containing the violence.

Soon after the photos became viral, enraged mob took to streets vandalising properties and setting shops and houses on fire. The violent crowd also used petrol bombs.

The police had to use tear gas shells and resort to lathi-charge.

An eye witness, who fled the strife-torn area, said that the people who committed violence were still roaming free and administration allegedly remained ‘mute spectator.’

According to a reports published in local media, police had identified the youth, who had shared the objectionable content on social media while tagging a person from opposing community.

The enraged mob on Friday allegedly set his house on fire. The police had clamped section 144 across the district.

The state has largely remained free of any communal violence for more than a decade since Lalu Yadav assumed power in 1990.


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