BJP responds to Nitish Kumar, asks him to seek details from Lalu on Rs 100 cr


Reacting strongly to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s assertions that BJP should answer about land purchases before demonetisation, the party today urged the CM to first ask ally Lalu Prasad about the source of construction of posh Rabri Bhawan in Delhi at a cost of Rs 100 crore.

“Before raising questions over BJP’s land purchase, CM Nitish Kumar should ask ally Lalu Prasad about the source of funding behind construction of Rabri Bhawan in Delhi at an estimated cost of Rs 100 crore,” senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said in a statement here.

“Nitish Kumar should tell where from the money needed to run his party comes from,” he said.

He also criticised other parties and sought to know how come CPI(M) and BSP, which do not have any MLAs or CPI, which has only one MLA, have party offices in posh localities.

Sushil said his party does not have its office in the capital despite being a national party and that the land purchase has no connection with demonetisation.

“BJP has paid the amount of the land fixed officially and made the payment as stamp duty determined by the Registrar,” Sushil Modi, the former Deputy Chief Minister of the state, said.

“BJP has account of every single penny and it files Income Tax returns annually as per law,” he added.


  1. Gariboo ki bhalai (welfare of poor) ka politics bahoot
    sasti aur ashan hai.
    Therfore poverty (pooerness of India) should not
    be finished in india.
    God bless.
    Politicians of India.


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