This Bihar student wins case in High Court after flunking twice in science


Bihar’s education system is once again in news and, once again, it’s for the wrong reason. A Class X student Priyanka Singh has won a battle against the board in the High Court. The court has also asked the board to pay the student Rs 5 lakh as compensation.


Priyanka from Saharsa was distraught when she received her Class X results earlier this year. The examiner had failed her in science and Sanskrit leaving her in utter disbelief.

She challenged her marks and requested for re-evaluation. There was more disappointment in store for Priyanka. After the re-evaluation, her marks in Sanskrit rose from 4 to 9, but her score in science dropped from 29 to 7.

Left with no option, Priyanka approached the High Court. To ensure that this was not a frivolous case, the HC ordered her to pay Rs 40,000 as deposit. The court also warned Priyanka that she will lose her deposit if it turned out to be a fake case.

The bench of Chakradhari Sharan Singh ordered the board to produce her answer sheet. However, the hand-writing on the papers did not match with that of Priyanka’s. The Court then ordered the board to trace the original papers written by Priyanka.

It was here when the court found that Priyanka had scored 80 in science and 61 in Sanskrit. The judge awarded her a compensation of Rs 5 lakh and also directed the board to launch a probe into the whole fiasco.

Bihar has often found embroiled into negative publicity for its failed education system. In 2015, the photo of parents climbing atop a school building to supply answer sheets to help students taking the exam had gone viral.

In 2016, police had arrested Ruby Rai, that year’s topper, after she said  that political science taught cooking. She had also struggled to correctly pronounce her subject.

Earlier this year, Patna police had arrested 2017 topper, Ganesh Kumar, on charge of forgery of documents. According to some reports, Kumar was 42-year-old and has two kids. In his documents, he had claimed to be 24 years old student.






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