Bihar girl tied to tree, thrashed for eloping with man from different religion


A video of a girl being tied to a tree and thrashed for allegedly eloping with a man from another religion in Bihar has gone viral on social media platforms. In one video, the girl is seen being tied to a tree as villagers including women and children assemble to be spectators.


In another video, the girl is seen still tied but sitting on the ground as a man attired in white shirt and lungi pulls her by hair. Another man attired in green T-shirt is seen taking a man away from the spot of the crime. Moments later, a third man approaches the girl before dragging her by her hair while yelling at her, “Stay alert.” The girl is then is offered a glass of water.

According to media reports, the girl fled form her village to stay with her boyfriend stay with him on 30 September. The family began to frantically search for her when they became aware about her absence.

They went to her boyfriend’s place to get her back after they learnt about of her whereabouts. A panchayat was convened and it was decided the girl had to be ‘punished’ for bringing ‘dishonour’ to her family.

Her family members then tied her to a tree before thrashing her publicly. The incident took place in Jogiya Maran village under Rajauli police station of Nawada on 3 October.

The local police have taken note of the attack and registered a case in the matter. The accused individuals have not yet been arrested.



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