Bihar Exam Board cancels results of two toppers after re-examination, strikes off college’s recognition


Bihar School Examination Board has cancelled the results of two toppers of 2016 after they were made to sit for a fresh examination in light of embarrassing revelation about their appallingly poor knowledge of the subjects.

The BSEB had held the re-examination of 14 toppers from Science and Arts background on Friday but only 13 of them took part as this year’s topper in Arts, Ruby Rai, did not turn up for fresh test citing depression.

The board has given her one more week to take the test failing which her results will be declared null and void.

Two toppers whose results have been cancelled are from Vaishali’s Vishnu Rai College. Both Saurabh Shreshtha and Rahul Raj had topped in Science from the college.

Bihar’s education minister Ashok Kumar Chaudhary told Indian Express, “The committee has cancelled the results of two of the 13 students. The committee felt that they did not deserve to be toppers.”

Chaudhary also said that the the board had cancelled the recognition of Vishnu Rai College.

He added, “We will not stop here. We will form a three-member committee on Monday to probe how one institution was producing such good result. Is there any involvement of the board officials or other employees and teachers? Once we identify the culprits, appropriate legal action will follow against them because this episode has brought plenty of shame to Bihar.”

Bihar government had ordered a probe into the results of this year’s class 12 exams after it emerged that the 2016 topper, Ruby Rai, may have resorted to unfair means to achieve the feat.

The 17-year-old topper had no understanding of political science, and said the subject was all about cooking food.

Shreshtha too had struggled in answering elementary questions like the link between water and H20 despite being a Science topper.

The questions were raised over the credentials after a local channel interviewed both the students soon after the results were announced last week.


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