Bigg Boss 12 fight spills out of reality show, Shrishty Rode’s fiance seeks forgiveness from Dipika Kakar’s husband


This year’s Bigg Boss show is increasingly affecting the family members of the contestants outside the reality show. Not too long ago, Teejay Sidhu, wife of actor Karanvir Bohra, had taken to social media to slam Salman Khan for allegedly being mean towards her husband during the show. Now partners of two female contestants, Dipika Kakar and and Shrishty Rode have locked horns on social media because of their brawl inside the reality show.

Earlier this week, Dipika had taken objection to Romil Chaudhary and Shrishty’s indirect comments about her husband Shoaib Ibrahim. An enraged Dipika had lashed out at both Romil and Shrishty for daring to cast aspersion at her character. As part of a task, while hosting a chat show, Romil had asked Shrishty who she preferred the most sainyya  (husband) or bhaiyya (brother). Shrishty, who was pretending to be Dipika replied that she preferred bhaiiya (Sreesanth) while outside the house her preference was her husband (Shoaib Ibrahim).

Scared that this comments may lead to confusion about her relationship with Sreesanth, Dipika had lost her cool. Now Dipika’s actor husband has taken to social media to slam those who ridiculed his wife’s emotions. He went on to add that people hiding behind the ‘game show’ to insult Dipika should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, he did not name anyone, but it was clear he was referring to Romil and Shrishty and their supporters on social media.

Reacting to Shoaib’s post, Shristy’s boyfriend, Manish Nagdev, wrote his own post in support of his fiancee. Nagdev explained that Shrishty’s intention was never to insult Dipika and both she and Romil had apologised for inadvertently hurting her right after the game was over. He requested Shoaib to forgive Shrishty one more time if he and Dipika’s fans were still hurt about her behaviour inside the house. Withotu naming Shoaib, Nagdev asked him to asks his supporters on social media to not attack Shrishty using abusive language and casting aspersion on her modesty.


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