Bhopal mayor cycles on green carpet with red beacon, becomes subject of social media ridicule


Sunday was the World Environment Day and politicians up and down the country in India did their bit to give a message to save the environment around us.

Bhopal mayor Alok Sharma too was no different when he decided to leave home on a cycle instead of his car.


But, he chose to have a read beacon (lal batti)-a VIP symbol in India- attached to his bike when he left his house. And if that was not enough, the VVIP politician also found it difficult to ride his bike on a dusty road.

To make sure that Sharma did not have to negotiate the dust just like aam aadmi would do in their daily life, a green carpet was laid on the way for him.

The act, which is being deemed utterly insensitive, has evoked angry reactions from social media users.

Here are some reactions;

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