Appalling as medical report says Bhopal gangrape victim had consensual sex, Minister concedes mistake


In yet another appalling development and a case of utter insensitivity, a junior doctor in Madhya Pradesh has stated in his medical report that the Bhopal gangrape survivor had consensual sex with two of her attackers.

consensual sex

As expected, the opposition Congress condemned the flippancy of the junior doctor in question and attacked the state’s BJP-led government. This prompted the government to immediately issue a clarification that the use of the word ‘consensual sex’ was a mistake.

State minister Sharad Jain conceded that the use of the word “consensual” in a gang-rape report was appalling just on the basis of “humanity,” reported NDTV.

He said, “Nobody will be spared if guilty … On the basis of humanity we can’t act without proper knowledge.”

Karan Peepre, the Superintendent of the government-run Sultania hospital, said, “The report was prepared by a junior doctor and they rectified the error immediately.”

“It’s wrong but it has been corrected, in future we have issued instructions that a senior woman doctor or her team will assist in the internal and external inquiry of such sensitive cases,” Dr Peepre said, adding that action would be taken against the doctors involved.

In a horrifying incident, a 19-year-old girl was gangraped for three hours right in the heart of the state capital in Madhya Pradesh on 3 November. The victim’s ordeal did not end there. When she contacted the police to report the matter, the cops made fun of the victim saying the girl had cooked up the story in ‘filmy style.’

According to the complaint, the girl was returning from her coaching centre when, at around 7 PM, she was grabbed by a man called Golu Bihari, who dragged her to a secluded area under a nearby railway bridge.

The victim, whose parents work in security forces, yelled and kicked in desperation but this had no effect on her perpetrator. Golu Bihari, who’s out on bail for murdering his own daughter, called his brother-in-law, Amar Ghuntu. Both men raped her for three hours. The rapists took breaks as one of them went out to get cigarettes and tea.



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