‘Chetan Bhagat has done more damage to brands IIT and IIM than this education ministry ever will’


Controversial writer, known for his ‘brainless tweets,’ Chetan Bhagat is at it again. Days after he was widely mocked and criticised on twitter, the writer face widespread condemnation for his ‘sly’ tweet once again.

On Thursday, Bhagat tweeted criticising the Delhi government’s plan to exempt woman driver the odd-even formula aimed at curbing the air pollution in Delhi.

He tweeted, “So odd-even rule doesn’t apply to women only cars, for safety. Because men, you know, can never be robbed, attacked, feel unsafe or killed.”

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He didn’t stop here and continued with his ‘rant.’ His next tweet suggested that soon ‘men in Delhi are going to wrap dupattas around their heads and driving their cars. Go Delhi go!’

User Komal posted a photo of Bhagat wearing a dupatta and asked if he meant ‘like this?’

As expected, twitter users particularly women, took strong objection to Bhagat’s tweets with some even asking if this ‘guy was for real’ implying that such disdain towards females was not expected from a human being.

User Aparna Jain exactly that question;


Much to Bhagat’s discomfort, Jain’s tweet was shared by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has in excess of 6 million followers on twitter. With Kejriwal sharing Jain’s tweet, it set the cat among the pigeons and soon Bhagat once again became a favourite whipping boy of social media users.

User Veena Venugopal asked how many pairs of ‘feet can Chetan Bhagat’s mouth can hold at the same time?” Unfortunately for Bhagat, Delhi CM chose to share Venugopal’s tweet to, thereby compounding the writer’s misery.

Pained at this public humiliation, Bhagat took to twitter to complain why Kejriwal as a chief minister was ‘retweeting my trolls.’

Bhagat’s critics say that the writer, popular with Bollywood fraternity but often blamed for his mediocre writing, usually resort to such ‘antics’ primarily to gain cheap publicity.

User @Brownbrumby from Australia took a dig at Bhagat’s last book ‘Half Girlfriend’ while posting this tweet;

User Ian Woodford called his tweet sly and ‘bakwas.’


Here are some other tweets criticising Bhagat. The writer was a top twitter trend on Thursday.


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