Besharam, Makkar jibes exchanged between Mohammad Yousuf and Ramiz Raja on live TV


The video of an ugly verbal spat on a live TV between two former captains of Pakistani cricket has gone viral.

It all started with Ramiz Raja attacking Mohammed Yusuf and taking a jibe at his Islamic beard calling him a liar.

He said, “dekhen ji pehle to daadhi rakh kar log jhoot bolna band kar dein. (You see, he should first stop lying by keeping Islamic beard)”

Yusuf responded angrily calling Raja besharam (shameless), who had no idea about the game of cricket.

He said, “aap jaise besharam logon se bas yahi baat sun sakte hain ham. Kyunki aapne na to cricket mein kuch kiya hai, baatein hi karni aati hai aapko. Khelna aapko aata nahi tha. Aap khud ko daadhi rakh nahi sukte doosro ko…(Shameless people like you can only speak such words because you’ve not contributed anything to cricket. You can only talk. You never knew how to play. Can’t keep beard yourself and criticise others)”

Yusuf challenged Raja to prove how great a player he was. He said, “do sau (two centuries) hain 67 Test matches mein. Sharam aani chahiye aapko. aapko sharam nahi aati hai cricket pe baat karte huwe? Aap teacher hain English ke, is ke ilaawa kuch bhi nahi hain bas. (You have just scored 2 Test centuries in 67 Test matches, shows your greatness. And you don’t feel ashamed while talking about cricket. You are nothing but an English teacher.)”

To which Raja responded, “Tum to sahi Urdu hi bol lo. Tumhe sirf daadhi rakh kar jhoot bolna aata hai. (Well, you should at learn to speak good Urdu. You can only speak lies in beard)”

Raja then told the anchor not to invite ‘makkar’ person on the show where he was also a guest prompting Yusuf to say that it was the former, who was ‘makkar‘ and who had filed a case against his own family members.

Things turned ugly after both guests appeared the TV to talk about the friction in the Pakistani cricket team following Mohammad Aamir’s inclusion after a lengthy ban.




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