Believe it or not, Rajdhani’s AC coaches are going missing from railway yards


The Indian railways has issued a clarification on the reports of AC coaches of its high-end trains such as Rajdhani Express going missing from railway yards.


A railway official employed withe Ranchi division said there was no question of AC coaches of Rajdhani Express going missing adding that the coaches in question must have been in use in some other railway division.

“We have marked the coaches being used in our division with numbers. The coaches are expected to be in use with Northern division. South Eastern Railway has written to Northern Railways to return the AC coaches. We expect to get them soon,” one official was quoted by Economic Times.

This was after several media reports said that the railway authorities were alarmed over the recurrent incidents of missing coaches. The coaches, media reports said, were disappearing from railway yards.

A report by India Today said that coaches from premium trains such as Rajdhani Express and Sampark Kranti Express had gone missing. Recently passengers created a ruckus when Rajdhani Express from Ranchi started late because three coaches had broken down.

Aside from a considerable hike in train fares, the railway ministry has also been facing flak for the considerable delays in train journeys across the country. The railways recently announced that it will enforce the excess baggage allowance rules which may force passengers to pay a six-time penalty for carrying excess luggage.

As per the prescribed norms, a sleeper class and a second class passenger can carry luggage weighing 40 kilograms and 35 kilograms, respectively. An AC two-tier passenger can carry 50 kilograms of luggage for free and a maximum of 100 kilograms by paying a fee for the excess of 50 kg. Similarly, an AC first class passenger can carry the luggage of 70 kilograms for free and maximum of 150 kg by booking the excess in the van and by paying a fee.


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