BCCI made 26 payments of Rs 25 lakh+ in December, totalling Rs 94.20 crore


Qaiser Mohammad Ali


The BCCI in December made 26 different payments of Rs 25 lakh and above, totalling Rs 94.20 crore. And the biggest single payment made last month was to the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited, who were paid Rs 15.67 crore as third instalment from the IPL central rights income for last year’s tournament.

These 26 payments are, however, only worth Rs 25 lakh and above. The BCCI, the wealthiest cricket body in the world, does not declare payments made below this amount, nor does it make monthly declaration of its income.

The BCCI, clearly on instructions from the Lodha Committee, started declaring payments worth Rs 25 lakh and above on a monthly basis in October.

Out of these 26 payments made in December, 22 were made to parties within India and four based in foreign countries, the BCCI announced on Friday.

Last month, the BCCI paid a total of Rs 4.17 crore in taxes, including TDS, Service Tax, and Customs Duty. The TDS amount was the biggest of the three (Rs 2.96 crore) and it was for the month of November, as per the BCCI website.

The Service Tax (Rs 96.05 lakh) was also for November while the Customs Duty (Rs 25.52 lakh) was for the “purchase of ground equipment for association”. The BCCI did not name the association(s) which was given these equipment.

In its first ever declaration, made on December 1, the BCCI had announced that in October it had made 29 payments of being Rs 25 lakh or above, totalling Rs 87.08 crore. The largest single payment for that month was of Rs 32.90 crore, which was paid as service tax for September.

For November, the BCCI made 33 payments of Rs 25 lakh and above, for a grand total of Rs 77.68 crore. The largest payment that month was of Rs 17.95 crore, and it was made to the Maharashtra Cricket Association. Out of this amount, Rs 11.20 crore was given against MCA’s infrastructure subsidy claim and the rest (Rs 6.75 crore) as advance of the amount due to it.


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