BCCI exposes DDCA bosses: Says it gave Rs 2.81 crore for Kotla match


Qaiser Mohammad Ali


The BCCI’s decision to make monthly public declaration of all payments worth Rs 25 lakh and above since October also means that the DDCA, which is traditionally known for concealing financial figures and misleading those who seek accountability, might not be able to do so now.

After going through a torrid time – many people say it was “well deserved” – the DDCA finally got to organise the fourth India-South Africa Test this month, but not before global embarrassment for its continued mismanagement.

The DDCA, which only had a few thousand of rupees in hand then, was at the mercy of the BCCI to release its held back funds to organise the five-day Test match, pay salary of October to its 100-odd staff, and deposit Rs 1.5 crore to two prominent government agencies on a court’s order.

After the Delhi High Court on November 19 allowed the DDCA to host the match, after paying Rs 1.5 crore to a municipal body and the Delhi excise department, the association sought and finally got funds from the BCCI.

DDCA officials were widely quoted in the media as saying that the association had sought Rs 2.5 crore from the BCCI and it had received as much.

The reality, however, is different and the DDCA has now been exposed on this count by the BCCI itself, though inadvertently, as it on Wednesday announced payments worth Rs 25 lakh and above made to the various parties in November.



DDCA Rs 2.81crore SCREENSHOT camera

According to the BCCI list of payments, it had given the DDCA Rs.2,81,25,000 (see screenshot of the BCCI website above) while DDCA administrators continued to mislead their co-directors on the management committee and the media, by saying the association had received only Rs. 2.5 crore.

The BCCI said that on 20 November, Rs.2,81,25,000 was paid to the DDCA as “advance against amount due to association out of media rights income for 2013-14”.

The difference in the amount may be of Rs 31,25,000 only, but this blatant attempt by certain office-bearers’ to keep their colleagues on the executive committee in the dark about important decisions shows the existing mistrust between them.

When jantakareporter.com asked a couple of DDCA directors about the exact amount the BCCI had sent, they said that no one had shared this info with them.

“The men in power at the DDCA don’t share anything with all the directors. Some of us have to move courts if we want to know something about the association. For example, no minutes of the executive committee meetings have been circulated for almost a year,” a director told jantakareporter.com.

“Regarding this amount that the BCCI had released, we only read in the media that the figure was Rs 2.5 crore. But now you are telling me that the BCCI has announced publicly that the exact figure was Rs.2,81,25,000,” he said. “I guess the BCCI would have cut TDS on this amount. And if the BCCI has actually cut the TDS, which is 10 per cent, the exact amount sanctioned might have been Rs 3 crore.”

“These days a few DDCA officials, in their desperate and shameless bid to gain publicity, circulate on WhatsApp the letters they write to the BCCI begging for funds. And when they receive favourable replies from the BCCI, those too are circulated on social media,” he said.


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