Bassi and Jung are honest people, says Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi Chief Minister  has praised his Police Commissioner B S Bassi by calling him an honest and good human being.

Speaking to a selected group of veteran journalists in a new ABP news programme called “Press Conference”, Kejriwal said, “Commisioner Bassi is a good person. I know he is very honest but he is being told to harass our Government and workers by PM Modi. There’s only one person who is calling the shots and his name is Narendra Modi. I have been talking to a few BJP Ministers and they say the same thing. They tell me that even they cannot appoint a PA of their own choice.”

Kejriwal’s comments about Bassi come a day after carried an exclusive report on how the Delhi Police commissioner was a big fan of Delhi chief minister.

When asked what he thought of  Lieutenant General Najeeb Jung, he said,  he too was a good person.

He added,”LG is a good person. But, he’s forced by Narendra Modi to keep causing troubles for us.”

Kejriwal justified the allocation of more than rupees 500 crores on  govt. advertisement in response to a question from, Editor-in-Chief, Rifat Jawaid, he said ‘there’s nothing wrong in communicating our good work to people. Earlier we were in election campaign, now we are in government. Using TV adverts to reach out to people doesn’t mean that we have lost the connect with aam janta.”

ABP’s new programme “Press Conference” will air on 25th, July at 8;00 pm. Amongst the topics that the Delhi CM commented on also included were his relationship with Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav. He said that sacked duo could well be back in party in the future but was not going to discuss his relationship with his former colleagues at a media platform.


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