Bangalore artist creates crocodile pond to protest against poor civic facilities


A visual artist in Bangalore came up with a novel idea to draw civic authorities’ attention to a problem he’s been complaining about without any success.

Artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy has been frustrated by no response from the civic authorities to a large pothole and a broken water pipe on a main street of Bangalore. Unable to get any response, he decided to turn the pothole into a pond for a large artificial crocodile.

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It cost him Rs 6000 and a week’s time to create this fiber crocodile.

Congress advt 2

This is not the first time the artist has resorted this creative way of protesting against the poor civic amenities. Last year, he had turned a large manhole into a mouth of Yamraj, a sign that this was a death trap. This prompted the local authorities to swing into action and close the manhole without any delay.

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On this occasion too, his work of art succeed in drawing plenty of attention from the passers by but the much-waited response from the civic bodies continues to elude him.

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