PM Modi’s comments on Balochistan an expression of concern for Baloch people


Amid a debate over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments on Balochistan in his Independence Day address, Government feels it was an expression of concern for people of the Pakistan’s troubled region and that India’s humanity does not stop at its border.

“It was an expression of concern. We feel for people inside the country as well as outside the country. If you expect us to feel strongly about people inside the country then my humanity does not stop at my borders,” official sources said reflecting government’s view on the issue.

They said the statement did not come out of the blue and it reflected the Prime Minister’s concerns for oppressed people of Balochistan.

“It perfectly natural,” they said, adding Modi’s comments reflected that he was troubled by the human rights situation in Balochistan and the excesses committed by the Pakistani military.

Questions like with whom India will coordinate and what New Delhi was going to do in Balochistan are “premature and irrelevant”, the sources said.

In his Independence Day speech on Monday, Modi had talked about the situation in PoK, Gilgit and Balochistan and said people from there have thanked him for raising their issues.


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