Two Bahrain nationals held for trafficking of girls


Police in Hyderabad said that they had arrested five persons, including two Bahrain nationals, for their alleged involvement in international trafficking of girls for “marriage”.


Quoting a statement from the Bhavani Nagar police, PTI reported that among those arrested were the foreigners, a Qazi (cleric) and the owner of a lodge.

The release claimed the Bahrain nationals targeted poor Muslim families of the city by offering huge cash and gold to perform “marriage”.

“To perform marriages they would contact local brokers by giving them huge commission. After collecting commission from the Bahrain nationals, local brokers would arrange poor Muslims girls for performing marriage with them,” police said.

“After marriage they would take the girls to their country and send them back after fulfilling their sexual desires,” the police said.

The victims were sent to India without divorce and the foreigners would once again go on searching for girls from poor families for marriage, they added. Both the Bahrain nationals are siblings, the release added.

Targetting young, in most cases minor girls, and getting them married to older Arab nationals has been a well established part of the racket in Hyderabad. The vulnerable Muslim families become the easy target for the rich Arab sheikhs.



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