Babul Supriyo wants Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song removed from Bollywood film


Former singer and BJP minister in the Centre’s Narendra Modi government, Babul Supriyo, has demanded the removal of Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice from a song in Bollywood film Welcome To New York. Supriyo said that not he could not understand the need to hire Pakistani singers when tensions at the border had escalated.

Babul Supriyo

“If that’s true, I would request the makers of the film to remove Rahat’s voice and get someone else to dub it! I am also not sure why Atif Aslam got to sing “Dil diya gallan” when for sure our very own Arijit could have done a much better job. The FM stations played the song galore while news channels announced the name of our soldiers martyred by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists,” he was quoted by IANS.

Supriyo said that he did not have any problem with Atif or Rahat but with their ‘Pakistani nationality.’

He said, “Atif as an artist sounds great in ‘Dil diya gallan” and Rahat is a great singer too. But it’s important to clarify that our problem is not with the artists Atif or Rahat, but with their Pakistani nationality. It’s not a political stand but probably the families who have lost their sons, brothers, fathers would feel a lot better should the entire country show solidarity in any manner possible.”

The former singer claimed that the Bollywood was an integral part of ‘Indianism’ since it  ‘represents India worldwide.’

Mmebers of the BJP and other right-wing Hindutva outfits had protested against the presence of Pakistani artists in Bollywood movies particularly when Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was released. Fawad Khan was part the star cast of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.


  1. Well said! In a country of 1.2 billion people we can’t find any other singer but a pak one? Unless you are a muslim league franchisees why would you use pakis?

  2. Such a foolish statement. This kind of statements encourage the tension between the people of both sides. You mean to say that Pakistani singers have done the job of terrorists or they are supporting them? Are you mad? I only learned from pakistani singers that they also know the language of love as seen from their beautiful voice.

    • Ankit, we are not going to the extent of naming them as terrorists. That is not our job. Our job is to protect our solidarity in ” respect for our honourable jawans and their bereaving families “

  3. If what the minister says is true,not only should the song of the paki be removed,but the guy who recorded the song must be hauled on some charge or other and put behind bars.More than the paki who sang the song, while there could be hundred hidu brothern who can render any song,it is the team which allowed the song to be recorded must be punished and never should be allowed in our bollywood

    • Bhai thand rakh. Kutta mujhe kata me kutte ko katunga wala baat hua. Wesa na karke agar itna hi dimag kashmir ka problmsolve karne me lagae toh jo jayega. And more over kashmir problm is a bread earner a vote bank of many rascal politicians. Try to go deep bhai.

    • Yes I also agree with Sir babul da
      We Are Indians not the predidors
      As per the country’s pride is concern we have to witout those singers from the deck of Indian movies as soon as possible.
      Our country come first.
      Bhande Mataram.

  4. No ministry has the authority to tell a film maker who is the right talent for a part. Having a problem with a person’s nationality shows the level of your thinking. And it’s really low. Families who’ve lost their sons know that it wasn’t the common people of a particular country that killed their son. It was either a soldier or a terrorist. A soldier gets orders from his seniors, a terrorist doesn’t belong to any country or religion.
    Even our soldiers have killed so many pakistani soldiers, that doesn’t mean they’ll boycott lata mangeshkar or sonu nigam or even sachin tendulkar.

    Demanding such stupid stuff as removing a singer’s voice, his hard work, from a movie just because he’s from a different country is a meaningless publicity stunt. And the fact that our “Ministers” are the ones demanding such stuff, is really sad. How do they have so much time to think about such useless stuff?
    Please, we are the ones who pay your salary, so quit wasting your time and our money, and do the job you were hired to do.

  5. He is right. It’s all about our Army officers who lost lives in the recent attack. If we can’t do anything for our country then atleast let others do for it. Why not support our nationality and raise our voice?

  6. Well said Babul Supriyo . Why Arijit you are far better than Asif Aslam n Rahat Fateh . But respected minister kindly give little comment on our beloved Indian who are bhai of our priye PM sahab . Don’t you understand what Am I saying☹️? Forget these petty issues and say something for those who ran away with the hard core saving of gharib Hindustani. Beware of your divide and rule politics . Janta sab janti hai. If you are true nationalist then talk about these issues . Cheers


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