Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrian Wale) attacked by unidentified men in Ludiana, AAP demands CM Badal’s resignation


Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrian Wale) on Tuesday was attacked by unidentified men while he was on his way to Isewal village in Ludhiana.

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According to ANI, he was rushed to hospital.

Tribune India quoted eyewitnesses as saying that 15 assailants, most of them baptised Sikhs, had erected a tent for “chhabeel” on Canal Road.

According to the paper, they stopped the cavalcade at 7.45 pm and offered juice to the driver before asking him where “Babaji” was.

One of them shot Bhupinder Singh in the neck as others started smashing car windows. Dhadrianwale said he ducked for cover as his driver speeded away.

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“The tyres of our vehicles burst, we alighted and run toward the fields where some labourers gave us shelter,” Dhadrianwale was quoted as saying.

One supporter of baba told that the attack was an assassination bid against Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadriawale.

Aam Aadmi Party was quick to slam the Prakash Singh Badal government of Punjab, calling it a total collapse of law and order in in the state.

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AAP’s Durgesh Pathak tweeted, “Total collapse of laws and order in Punjab . Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadriawale attacked ,Badal must resign.(sic)”

Another AAP leader and party’s in-charge of Punjab affairs, Sanjay Singh, tweeted, “Murderous attack on Sant Ranjit Singh Dhadrian wale near Ludhiana again its total breakdown of law and order in Punjab under Badal Govt. (sic)”

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