Baba Parmanand arrested in rape charges, Police claims to have seized obscene videos


Police in Madhya Pradesh  say they have arrested Baba Parmanand, who has allegedly raped more than 100 women.


Baba has now been brought to Uttar Pradesh. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Barabanki SP, Abdul Hamid, said that cops had seized at least eight obscene videos involving the godman.


He said that the videos were now being sent for forensic test. Hamid said that baba had been booked under at least 12 cases.

According to police, baba would identify his target through CCTV installed in his ashram in Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. One of his tactics was to allegedly lure his childless women devotees by promising children.

According to an ABP report, the women devotees, who were raped, would be asked not to share the sexual encounter with anyone for at least 15 kms after they had left the ashram.

Baba Parmanand is likely to be produced before a magistrate later today.

Police had earlier raided his Ashram and seized CDs of vulgar literature and porn movies.

Sources close to Baba Parmanand said that he was a big fan of famous Hollywood film, Basic Instinct, and had installed a CCTV camera in the ceiling to capture his sexual act from the top.

One of the many videos involving Baba’s sexual escapades has him exploiting a woman devotees while the act being filmed from the top.

In other videos, the devotee rape victims would be expected to touch Parmanand’s feet before initiating sexual act. has decided not to broadcast the video because of poor taste and decency issue.

The self-styled godman, whose name is Ram Shankar Tiwari, became a subject of intense social media conversation after video of him performing sexual act with a woman devotee surfaced last week.



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