Azam Khan criticised Narendra Modi for lynching of Muslim man over beef rumour


A senior cabinet minister in the Uttar Pradesh government, Azam Khan, has blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the death of a Muslim man in Greater Noida over rumours that he had eaten and stored cow’s meet in his house.

Khan asked Modi to ‘reign in’ his supporters.

He said, “Prime Minister, please rein in your volunteers. Life, politics and posts are not forever but infamy remains forever. You have not been able to wipe out Gujarat taint and until this world lives, it will never be wiped out. Don’t make your volunteers do these things. Where are you taking the country to?”

A 52-year-old Muslim man was hacked to death by a group of right-wing people after they suspected he had eaten and stored beef in his house. His son, an IAF personnel, was also seriously injured in the violence. It was later revealed that the rumour was untrue.

Union Culture Minister and the local MP, Mahesh Sharma later tried to play down the incident of this mob lynching by saying it was just an ‘accident.’


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