AYUSH clarifies on RTI, but Milli Gazette says ministry’s ‘response is misleading’


A day after AYUSH ministry in Narendra Modi government called part of RTI reply that accused it of discriminating against Muslims fabricated, Milli Gazette, which originally published the report, said the ministry’s response was misleading.

According to a report carried by Milli Gazette, AYUSH ministry’s rebuttal to “our story is factually incorrect.”

(Ayush Ministry’s reply is misleading)

It said that the ministry’s response was to a different RTI filed by the same journalist at about same time, and related to ‘foreign yoga experts invited to attend the Yoga conference last year “while our story talks about Yoga teachers sent out from India.”

The Milli Gazette has published a host of remaining RTI replies, which were filed at the same time. It says that these RTI replies will conclusively settle the controversy.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, told jantakareporter.com that he defended his story and asked the ministry to ‘at least now respond to the original RTI request’ on how many Muslim yoga trainers had been employed by it.

The magazine previously had reported to have obtained the reply from AYUSH ministry, which allegedly said that it didn’t recruit Muslims ‘as per the government policy.’

The AYUSH ministry had issued a clarification saying it was ‘anguished’ by misreporting of the facts.


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