Awkward moment for PM Modi as he’s greeted by huge protests outside Downing Street


Narendra Modi had to face loud protests outside Downing Street just when he arrived at the the official residence of his British counterpart, David Cameron, for talks.

A huge group of protesters comprising, British Sikhs, Muslims and Nepalese joined together to chant ‘Modi is a Hitler’ and ‘Modi is a Murderer’ slogans for his role in 2002 Gujarat riots and, more recently, maintaining mysterious silence on the growing religious intolerance in the country.

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The Guardian reported that “as his 29th overseas destination, the UK’s lack of real interest to the Indian PM is clear, but the trip comes at a useful time for Modi.”

Modi had travel ban imposed on him by the UK, US, and several European countries because of his alleged role in 2012 after anti-Muslim riots that killed more than 1000 people.

The restrictions were removed after he was elected as India’s new prime minister last year.

George Galloway, the former leader of Respect Party and an ex veteran MP, said that Modi was the leader of the organisation that ‘killed Mahatma Gandhi.’

He said, “His organisation murdered the idea of India. As a pluralist, multi-faith and multi-ethnic country, he comes from the RSS, fascist forces. They carry swastika, they believe in Hitler. As a taxpayer, I don’t know how many millions have been spent on defending a man, who’s indefensible.”

One lady protester said, “West has the track record of first supporting terrorists like Modi, supporting fascists and supporting fundamentalists and then blaming the people for terrorism here and fundamentalism there.”

Another Sikh protester said, “He (Modi) is nothing, we don’t believe in him. He’s the killer of the Muslims in Gujarat.

Amnesty International and other rights groups have accused Modi government of fostering a climate that has encouraged growing religious violence, and permitting wider human rights abuses.

Many of the several hundred protesters in Whitehall in London cited the 2002 riots as the reason they were demonstrating, but others raised issues of human rights, protection for women in India and accusations of injustice against Tamils, Dalits and other religious and ethnic minorities.


  1. What was published in the Britan Papers is 100% true, Why the Amercia is giving more imprtance to Modi Jee, as he was basically against Muslims. The Gujarat Riots are the wrost one after the Indepence of this Great Country. We feel ver bad when The Prime Minister of a great democractic country was recived with such a solgans is not good. Britian might have taken precautions to avoid this situtation. At least now the ruling governnment and Modi jee should realize the fact and change their policies in the interes of this great country.

  2. Sponsered protestors ! The Gujarat riots were the fall out of massive public out rage among majority community, who believed that two compartments carrying pilgrims were attacked & burned by the people of minority community. Role of Modi has been thoroughly investigated & he has been absolved of any wrong doing in this matter by the Supreme Court.

  3. When Modi ji gets frustrated by the massive insult from his home land, plan to visit abroad to see his face. Change yourself otherwise there will be nothing good in your future..

  4. There were lot of protest angainst modi jee on his vis visit to Britain, but where are the indian media sleeping to show that protests against Modi jee in their respective channel. Shame Indian paid media shame on you. There are lot of hope from you if you al don’t take part in country’s growth then who ll be expected. Don’t sell you on politicians’ hand do everything for country’s well fare not for THE GREAT MODI JI.


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