Audio clips prove St. Stephen’s principal intimidated me, says female student


A St. Stephen’s research student, who was allegedly sexually harassed by her college professor Satish Kumar, has submitted audio recordings and SMS-es that claim she was pressurised into taking back her complaint.

The student claims that she recorded her conversations with principal Valson Thampu, who is allegedly heard saying,”Trust god, trust me. You have to take that complaint back. Do it today… or there will be complications. It will be out of my hands.”

The conversations have been purportedly recorded during four meetings between the student, Thampu and the accused professor, that took place on January 7, 9 and 10 this year. However, the authenticity of the recordings is yet to be verified.

The principal is also heard telling the student, “Be a happy person, you are a young girl, you need to be happy. You should focus on completing your PhD thesis and withdraw the complaint or there will be complications.”

Thampu posted on Facebook this morning saying the recordings were ‘mischievously edited’.

“I shall make no comments on the merit of the contents and how cleverly they have been manipulated, insofar as a police investigation into the case is in progress. I have good reasons to believe that the truth will come out,” he wrote.

THE COURT, MEDIA AND ST. STEPHEN'SToday three (3) cases pertaining to the College are coming up: 2 in the High Court…

Posted by Valson Thampu on Thursday, July 2, 2015


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