Attack on Kashmiri fruit-sellers: PM Modi wants stringent action against anyone disturbing atmosphere of unity and harmony


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday congratulated the Uttar Pradesh government headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for taking firm action against those who had attacked two Kashmiri fruit sellers in Lucknow.


Speaking at an event in Kanpur in the presence of Adityanath, the prime minister said that terrorism could only be eliminated if the country believed in the message of unity and harmony.

He said, “Friends, it’s very important to establish an environment of unity in the country. You tell me. should we win our fight against terrorism or not? ….To end terrorism, the country must have environment of unity, brotherhood and harmony. Modi will only draw strength from that unity and end terrorism in India.”

Modi said that his real strength was in people’s unity and the atmosphere of harmony. He said, “The country’s unity is the biggest strength of Modi. Modi’s biggest strength is the country’s brotherhood. Modi’s biggest strength is the environment of harmony in the country. I need your help to achieve this.”

Before concluding his speech, Modi thanked Adityanath for acting quickly against the members of Vishwa Hindu Dal after its members mercilessly attacked two Kashmiri fruit-sellers in Lucknow. He said, “Today I welcome the government headed by Yogi (Adityanath) ji. Day before yesterday, the way some hoodlums misbehaved with our Kashmiri brothers, the UP government took immediate steps against them. I congratulate the Yogi government for this. I would like to urge other state governments too that wherever similar incidents take place, stringent actions must be taken against the perpetrators of this crime. We have to eliminate terrorism and we must walk with the mantra of unity to achieve this.”

The videos of right-wing thugs thrashing Kashmiri fruit-sellers in Lucknow had evoked widespread condemnation. However, the Lucknow Police had acted quickly to arrest all four of them.


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