Madhya Pradesh ATS arrests Manoj Mandal for spying for Pakistan’s ISI


Madhya Pradesh ATS has arrested one more individual in connection with spying for Pakistan. News agency ANI reported that Manoj Mandal was arrested from Jamui in Bihar before being produced at a Bhopal Court.

This comes after the ATS had made sensational arrest of Dhruv Saxena for spying for Pakistan’s ISI. Saxena, according to reports, had been working for the BJP’s IT Cell for nearly a year.

manoj mandal isi
File photo: Dhruv Saxena

The arrest of Dhruv Saxena, who has reportedly been with the BJP’s IT Cell since last year, caused considerable social media outrage while the mainstream media, often accused of having mortgaged its freedom to the ruling right-wing party at the Centre, has remained silent.

Madhya Pradesh is governed by the BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The arrested spies are accused of taking out confidential information on government of India and sending them across the border to Pakistan. According to reports, Saxena chose to sell the information for earning quick buck.


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