At Sangh Parivar meet, Modi’s minister talks about killing Muslims


Leaders of Sangh Parivar, who met in Agra to condole the death of a VHP worker Arun Mahaur, who was killed last week, has issued chilling warning to Muslims.

Among those who attended the meet were Smriti Irani’s deputy in the HRD Ministry, Ram Shankar Katheria and Fatehpur Sikri MP Babu Lal.

Katheria taunted the administration by implying that he was capable of teaching Muslims a lesson even though he had become a minister.

He was quoted by Indian Express, “The administration might think that main to mantri ho gaya, haath bandh gaye (that because I’m a minister, my hands are tied).”

Katheria’s said the community needed to make themselves powerful to be able to eliminate killers of Hindus themselves.

He said, “We have to make ourselves powerful. We have to launch a struggle. If we don’t begin a struggle, then today we have lost an Arun, tomorrow we will lose another. Doosra jane se pehle, yeh hatyare hi chale jayen is prakar ki taqat humen dikhani hogi (Before another is lost, we must show such strength that these killers tare eliminated).”

Modi’s minister didn’t stop here.

He said, “We are not withdrawing this movement. On Wednesday and Friday, we will all hold condolence meetings in our colonies. After that, whatever our leadership decides, if we are required to take to the streets, we will come on the streets in thousands. Let anybody dare stop us.”

MP Babulal urged an open fight with Muslims, and said: “Don’t try to test us… We will not tolerate insults to the community. We do not want unrest at any cost, but if you want to test Hindus, then let’s decide a date and take on Muslims.”

Local BJP leader Kundanika Sharma called other parties “jackals” for seeking votes of “traitors”. “But we want the heads of these traitors, the killers of Arun Mahaur,” she said. “This is not the time to sit quiet. Chhapa maaro, burqa pehno, lekin inhen gher-gher kar le aao. Ek sar ke badle dus sar kaat lo (Raid them, wear burqas, but corner them. Behead ten heads for one head).”

Watch Katheria’s provocative speech (Video- courtesy ANI)

Other speakers, which included VHP leaders, equated Muslims with the descendants of Ravana and warned that all preparations had been made to avenge the death of Mahaur before his 13th-day death rituals

These threats assume significance because they have come from a minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet.

Uttar Pradesh is scheduled to go for assembly polls in 2017 and many may view this as attempts to polarise voters along the communal lines.

Narendra Modi, which won 71 out of 80 parliamentary seats in UP in 2014 general elections has struggled to fulfill his election promises. The saffron party, recently used communal card successfully in Muzaffanagar assembly bypolls by winning the seat, earlier controlled by Samajwadi Party.

Therefore, stoking communal violence appears to be the best bet for the BJP.


  1. These VHP leaders should understand claiming to be a patriot does not make you an Indian. You need to have a big enough heart to love and accept every living being in India regardless of his caste and creed.

  2. Killing is not allowed. Who ever has killed innocent man will be punished by God. Agree RSS is powerful but others are not cowards. If you go with this thinking.. it will take huge innocent lives. why all this?. File case against culprit and let law screw up his life. why i am involved? i am muslim,i was not taught to kill anyone.

  3. These bastards should all be thrown into prison for their statements, along with the man who murdered the VHP fellow. On top of that, entire VHP should be banned so they can’t incite communal tensions anymore. Country is going to dogs under Modi and his tatti Chaddi brigade.


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