‘Ask Delhi Police not to describe my client as absconder’, says Somnath’s lawyer


Former Delhi law minister Somnath Bharti’s lawyer on Monday requested chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to issue directions to Delhi Police to refrain from describing his client as “absconder”, “professional criminal”, and “hardened criminal”.

The requests were made in a letter written to Kejriwal. However, the Delhi government has denied having received any letter from Bharti’s lawyer.

According to the letter, Bharti’s lawyer Deepak Khosla sought an appointment with the standing counsel and head of the prosecution department to discuss Bharti’s matter.

In the letter, accessed by IANS, Bharti’s lawyer wrote, “As regards comments of officers of Delhi Police to the media, you are requested to issue appropriate directions, directing your police officers to refrain from describing my client and/or referring to him as an ‘absconder’, ‘professional criminal’, ‘hardened criminal’.”

Just because he was not appearing before Delhi Police officials does not mean that he is an ‘absconder’, the letter added.


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