Arvind Kejriwal vows to punish Ola, Uber taxis


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Monday vowed to come down on App-based taxis like a ton bricks after complaints poured in about they over-charging customers during the car-rationing scheme in the capital.

Several social media users posted complaints on twitter complaining that the app-based taxis were charging as much as three time more than the prescribed government rates during the Odd-Even scheme.

Kejriwal tweeted, “Strict action, including permit cancellation and impounding of vehicles, will be taken against app-based taxis which charge fares more than government-prescribed rates (sic).”

His tweet was followed by an announcement that Delhi government had already ordered to impound cabs including Uber and Ola if they were found to be charging more than government prescribed limit. The government also released a helpline number for affected commuters.

The second phase of Odd-Even scheme kicked in on Friday primarily to bring down the level of rising air pollution in the national capital.

An overwhelming population has reported the positive impact particularly on the traffic congestion.

Kejriwal himself car-pooled with his cabinet colleagues, Satyendra Jain and Gopal Rai on Monday.

The first phase of this scheme had earned the Delhi government plenty of plaudits globally with Fortune magazine selecting the chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal among its 50 greatest leaders across the globe.

Odd-Even rule’s success was one important reason the magazine had attributed to justifying its decision to include Kejriwal in the list.


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