Arvind Kejriwal urges people to end controversies over Sri Sri event


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday asked people to end the controversy over the World Culture Festival being organised by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Yamuna banks from 11 March.

The 3-day event, organised by Sri Sri’s Art of Living foundation had run into controversy after it emerged that the AOL had violated several norms while potentially damaging the bio-diversity of the area. Sri Sri denied all the allegations.

Kejriwal said, “Now that NGT has given its verdict, all politics n controversies around AOL event shud be put to rest. Its a huge cultural event wherein people from 155 countries are coming. Delhi welcomes all guests. (sic)”

Both the central government and the Delhi government came for severe criticism for tacitly supporting the event even at the cost of potential damage to the environment and hurting farmers’ interests.

While the central government received flak for allegedly indulging in a quid-pro-quo exercise, the Delhi’s AAP government was criticised for its silence allegedly keeping the Punjab assembly polls in mind.

Many on social media felt that it was expected for the BJP government to help Sri Sri because of his continuous support to the saffron party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While others accused the AAP of political opportunism given that self-proclaimed babas and gurus play crucial role in influencing the voters’ decision in Punjab.


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