Arvind Kejriwal to leave for 10-day treatment at Jindal Nature Care in Bengaluru


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is expected to leave for Bengaluru for 10-day treatment of his chronic cough.

Almost a year ago, soon after leading his party to a historic win in Delhi, Kejriwal had visited the naturopathy centre in Bengaluru for the same duration.

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Speaking about his experience, the Delhi CM had spoken very highly of his experience at Jindal Nature Care.

A report by ANI said that Kejriwal was scheduled to leave for Bengaluru on 22 December, but he postponed his visit to oversee the implementation of odd-even car rationing scheme which came into force on 1 January.

Before he returns to the capital after his treatment, the Delhi chief minister is also expected to address a rally in the garden city on 31 January.

Kejriwal has been suffering from chronic cough and diabetes for several years. His detractors both in politics and media often made fun of his illnesses.

While talking to’s editor-in-chief earlier this month, Kejriwal expressed his pain and anguish at being mocked by a section in the media.

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He had said, “They made fun of my illness. Do I have a control over my cough?They have a problem if I wear a red shirt. Aaj Tak had done a special programme on my cough. Do I a have a control over my cough. This is how they make fun of me. Is that journalism?”



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