Arvind Kejriwal says Delhi will have second phase of Odd-Even formula from 15 -30 April


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that  an overwhelming percentage of people had supported the idea of bringing back the odd-even formula for cars.

Speaking to reporters in Delhi on Thursday he said, “81% people supported oddeven, 19% said No to it. 53% demanded 15 Feb, 63% demanded it permanently.”

Here are the other highlights of his press conference

  • 92% said they won’t buy another car, larger demand seeks No exemption to VIPs. People said No Odd-Even during exams
  • The Odd-Even Formula can’t be implemented permanently due to lack of sufficient public transport. More buses are being procured
  • Next phase of Odd-even scheme to be implemented from 15 April to 30 April
  • Women will continue to be exempted
  • We received suggestions that two-wheeler should also follow Odd-Even, but that will create trouble for DTC and Metro
  • Women and two wheelers are exempted but other exemptions are yet to be finalised
  • We will decide whether to implement Odd-Even every month or not after the second phase
  • We were accused of forcing VIPs to follow Odd-Even rule; won’t do so this time. They will be exempt.



  1. Larger demands for no exemption for VIP….and on contrary–accusation by VIP:forcing VIP to follow odd-even!!!Feeling pity for VIP…


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