Kejriwal attacks Congress, BJP, says ye doghlapan nahi chalega


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has slammed both the BJP and Congress for their criticism on the office of profit controversy.

Addressing a specially held press conference, Kejriwal accused his rivals of hypocrisy.

Here are the highlights of his short press conference.

  • Sau choohe khakar BJP and Congress haj ko chali hai
  • BJP under Sahab Singh Varma had appointed parliamentary secretaries too. When BJP does, it’s legal, we do it’s wrong
  • Ajay Maken, who is making too much noise was a parliamentary secretary. When you are appointed, it’s constitutional. When we do, it’s unconstitutional.
  • Ye doghlapan nahi chalega
  • Our MLAs have worked hard in their roles as parliamentary secretaries. They are educated people unlike our opposition. They’ve made a difference in health and education sectors.
  • They are our eyes and ears. We are not giving them any remuneration
  • Modi ji come and beat me but don’t harass the people of Delhi


  1. The hue and cry being raised in the “Free Press” whether it is constitutional of AAP appointing 21 parliamentary secretaries and possible dismissal of these elected representatives. Press is not the least bit bothered to ask whether such appointment-constitutional or not- has done any good to the public. Evidently it has and people are most definitely deeply content with AAP. In fact that is the core of the bloated dispute. The opponents who are poodles of monopoly capital are deeply worried about people’s support for AAP. Constitution is to serve the people not the opposite. If such appointment has done good to the people then AAP should be congratulated and such appointment be made constitutional through appropriate bureaucratic procedure. Barbarity of the “free press” under the pretext of constitution shows there is no sense of culture and civility left in Anglophonic Indian Press.


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