Arvind Kejriwal launches fresh attack against Modi, says he’s not Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Robert Vadra


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday launched fresh attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Kejriwal reminded Modi that he was no Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Robert Vadra.

He said, “I’m not Rahul Gandhi, who you can frighten. I’m also not Sonia Gandhi, who you can maker her bow. I’m not Robert Vadra, who you can strike secret deal with.”

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His reactions came after the Anti Corruption Bureau filed an FIR against the Delhi chief minister in the water tanker scam.

“Narendra Modi wants to frighten me and break me. But, I would like to say today that the Honourable Narendra Damodardas Modi ji, do whatever you want, neither am I going to bend nor get frightened or even break.”

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He said that he will continue to fight for the the rights of Dalits, farmers’ suicides and corruption cases.

Kejriwal said that he was the only politician standing resolute in front of Modi thereby causing frustration to him.

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